Optimist Clinic in Torbole

SailLaser Lake Garda offers a great week of Opti sailing at top level!
Thanks to collaboration with Winner Optimist Italia, we can offer racing activity also on Optimist: Charter and Clinic !
From 11th to 13th of June: 3 days Opti clinic, focused on performance optimization for Optimist d’Argento Regatta.
Theory lessons, briefing, meteo situation and racing course analysis, trainings on starting procedures and strategy, personalized video and debriefing.
From 14th to16th of June will take place one of the most interesting event of the season: Optimist d’Argento!
Don’t loose the opportunity of race with the most competitive opti sailor in the world, rent a Winner Optimist charter e travel light, only with the sail !
Don’t worry, our materials are in great conditions, ready to race at top level.

Just few words about us: SailLaser Lake Garda is a sailing association that works in different sectors: children sailing school, adults sailing school, private and group courses, dinghy rental and REGATA.
REGATA section includes private coaching, regata coaching, group clinics, and boat charters: Optimist and Laser. We work in collaboration with Laserperformance Italia and Winner Optimist Italia.

REGATA SECTION MANAGER is Sylvain Notonier. Sylvain will be the coach of the clinic.
He’s a really experienced coach, specialized in Optimist coaching.
Experience :

2008/2016 : Opti Coach Club la Pelle, Marseille 2016/2017 : Laser 4.7 Coach Club la Pelle Marseille

2012/2016 : Opti Coach south sailing League (PACA – FFV) 2017 : Laser 4.7 Coach European Championship Spain

2013 : Opti Coach European Championship Poland 2017 : Laser 4,7 Coach World Championship Belgium

2015 : National Opti Coach + Opti Coach Worlds Poland

2012 & 2013 : Team Leader Opti European Team Racing

Palmarès :

2012 : Silver medal World Championship Europe Class 2010 : Torbole Meeting : 1st

2014 : Bronze medal World Championship Europe Class 2010/2011/2012 : Kieler Woche : 1st

2004/2005/2010/2011/2012/2017 : Gold medal French Championship And many others…

As a coach :

2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 : Sailors selected for Worlds, European & European Team racing

2011/2014/2015/2017 : Sailors medallist French Championship (2015 & 2017 French Champion)

Many sailors top 10/20/30 Riva meeting, DYR, Palamos meeting, Palma meeting, Laser Europa Cups

Diploms :

2005 Baccalauréat Science Economy

2008 License Sports Training

2008 Sailing Coach FFV 1st

2009 Sailing Coach FFV 2nd

2015 National Sail Coach FFV

The program of the clinic is quite simple:
we expect to do 2 water session per day, depending on meteo situation. Before every water session a briefing will take place. During the briefing the coach will speak about exercises, meteo, and general indications. After the water session, there is the debriefing: water session analysis: what we did, how we did it, and so on. Video analysis.
We’ll do specific trainings on starting procedures and regatta strategy.
We also provide Winner Optimist charter, for clinic and for Regata.

Opti sailors can have lunch at Circolo Vela Torbole restaurant.