Lloc:  Club Nàutic L’Escala.

Data: 21 d’abril  de 2018. Convocatòria única: 18.00 hores.


  1. Aprovació, si s’escau, de l’acta de l’anterior assemblea.
  2. Informe de Gestió i Estat de Comptes 2017, aprovació si s’escau.
  3. Informe estat Projectes Esportius i Econòmics ACCIO 2016-2020
  4. Presentació pressupost 2018-2019, aprovació si s’escau.
  5. Evolució flota.
  6. Precs i preguntes.
  7. Aprovació, si s’escau de l’acta de l’assemblea.


IODA NEWS – December 2017


To:       IODA Members

Date:  December 29, 2017 we reflect on the past year and all the incredible activity that has been taking place in the class, we would like to thank you for all your support in helping to make this happen.Participation in the class continues to be strong and is growing in many parts of the world.

We would also like to thank those Members and the many volunteers who were event organizers, team leaders, coaches, and support personnel for all the sailors at our IODA Events this past year.Your support and commitment in helping our young sailors compete and sail together at our events is very much appreciated.

And finally, from all of us in IODA, we wish you and your families all the very best for the holiday season and for a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead.We look forward to working with you over the coming year with the common goal of growing the Optimist Class worldwide.


2017 IODA YEARBOOK 2017 IODA Yearbook is now posted online.It provides a snapshot of the highlights of all seven IODA events in 2017.To download a copy of the 2017 Yearbook, go to the following link:




2018 IODA HANDBOOK updated IODA Handbook is now available online.The Handbook is a very useful reference for the class and contains information on the Articles of Association, the Championship Conditions, list of Members and Builders, as well as contact information of members of the Executive Committee, the Technical and Regatta Committees and the Secretariat. All changes from the previous version is indicated inredtype. The Handbook can be downloaded from:

Please note that it is your right as a Member of IODA to ensure that the Articles and Championship Conditions are up to date and reflect the IODA class and activity worldwide.

The deadline for Members to submit proposals for an alteration to the Articles and Championship Conditions is on or before January 15, 2018.



2018 CLASS RULES 2018 Optimist Class Rules are also now available online. Eight rule changes were proposed and approved at the 2017 AGM.

The 2018 Class Rules can be downloaded from the following location:

The 2018 Class Rules will comeinto effect January 1, 2018.Any new Class Rule changes are indicated inredtype.

Please note, as per IODA Article 16, fully paid up Members as well as the Executive Committee can make proposals for Class Rule Changes to be voted on at the 2018 AGM. 

The deadline for submitting Class Rule proposals is on or before February 15, 2018.



2017 was the first year that IODA implemented microsites for all seven IODA Events. It involved a huge learning curve for all of us, but proved to be very beneficial in the registration of our events through the Online Registration System as well as ensuring that all the technical documents and results could be accessed from the internet either on a computer or smart phone through the digital Official Notice Board

We are currently working on rolling out the 2018 Event Microsites.The SAMS and NAMS sites are launched with the SAMS’ Online Registration opening this week. You can easily access the microsites from the home page on the IODA Website.

The 2018 World Championship Microsite and online Registration System will be launched shortly.

NOTE:For you to register for an IODA event in 2018 you will be required to enter your username and a new 2018 password.The 2017 password will not work.

Your Username and new Password will be sent to you in a separate email.



The invoices for your 2018 Subscription Dues will be sent out in early to mid January.Please ensure you pay your dues at your earliest convenience, particularly to those countries who are competing at the SAMS in Uruguay at the end of March.You will not be allowed to compete without payment of your Dues.



IODA has changed our banking institution. Please note that this is a Canadian bank and does not use an IBAN number. The account number is 067224007431. The new banking information is as follows:

Bank Name:ROYAL BANK OF CANADA, RBC Plaza, Toronto Canada

Bank Address:2346 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2W7

Account:International Optimist Dinghy Association

Account Address:26 Marlborough Avenue, Toronto,ONT  M5R1X6CANADA


Branch/Transit #:06722


BIC/SWIFT Reference:ROYCCAT2 ABA 021000021

Our US correspondent Bank: JP Morgan Chase New York, NY SWIFT CHASUS 22


To facilitate with the payment of your Annual Subscription Dues in 2018, we are investigating using alternate online payment options such as PayPal.Streamlining the payment of Subscription Dues and ordering and fulfillment process of our products is a major goal for IODA in 2018.

We will keep you posted on any developments.



Thank you to those of you who sent the Membership Information Forms to the IODA office over this past year.We continue to update the database on the website on a regular basis. If your member contact information has changed or needs to be updated, please send in the attached 2018 Member Information Form

Please check to see if your member information is up to date on the IODA Website. You can review it at the following URL:



Now that IODA has updated the logo, we now have a set of brand guidelines to help our stakeholders know how to use the logo in a variety of applications. If you would like to receive the IODA Brand Tool Kit that contains the guidelines as well as files of the logo, please contact the Secretariat and we would be happy to email it to you.



IODA would like to hear from you, our Members and to find ways to better serve you.

As a result, we will be sending you a short Survey early in the new year that we would like you to take a few minutes to answer the questions.Your feedback and input is very important to us as we plan the future direction and long-term strategy of IODA. We thank you in advance for your time and input.



If you would like your event to be posted on the IODA website, please send us the following information toinfo@optiworld.organd we would be happy to post it for you.

1.Title of Event

2.Venue & Country

3.Dates of Event

4.Website URL and /or Face book URL

5.Event Logo

6.NOR and/ or Entry Form

7.Any photos or posters.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me through the email address or


Fiona Kidd

Secretary General

Reunió Informativa ACCIO

El dissabte 25 de novembre, en el marc de la regata Terres de Mestral” al C.N. Hospitalet-Vandellòs celebrarem una reunió informativa al local del club.

Esta orientada als pares dels regatistes de G2, especialment els que s’han incorporat aquest any, però esta oberta a tothom.

L’objectiu és explicar als pares el funcionament de la classe, el circuit i l’ACCIO.

Començarem una hora després que s’acabin les regates del dia, es a dir una mitja hora després de tornar a terra.
Esteu convidats a assistir-hi.

María Perelló, nueva campeona del mundo de Optimist

Pep Portas – AECIO


La regatista balear, del náutico S’Arenal, toma el testigo español de Aina Colom en féminas, título que conquistó en el mundial de Argentina 2014

El italiano Marco Gradoni se hace con el título mundial absoluto. Estados Unidos conquista el mundial Team Racing

Se cierra el mundial de Tailandia con una jornada marcada por la ausencia de viento

Pattaya (Tailandia), 20 de julio de 2017

María Perelló es la nueva campeona del mundo de Optimist en féminas, título conseguido en la ciudad tailandesa de Pattaya, tras seis duras jornadas. La balear toma el testigo de Aina Colom, también del mismo náutico S’Arenal, cuando en 2014 se hizo con el cetro mundialista en San Isidro (Argentina).

Esta última jornada era de auténticos nervios. La diferencia de Perelló con sus rivales era corta, en especial con 15 sobre la tailandesa Palika Poonpat y 26 sobre la estadounidense Charlotte Leigh, ocupando ésta la tercera plaza en féminas. Números apretados que hacía que cualquier error se pagase caro. No fue así ya que el viento, tras un chubasco en el Golfo de Tailandia, desapareció por completa.

El comité izaba delta poco más de las 9 de la mañana hora local, tras muchas horas en el agua y esperando unas mejores condiciones de viento que nunca llegaron, no paso de los 2-3 nudos de intensidad, sobre las 14 horas el comité daba por concluida la jornada y el mundial. Con ello, María Perelló regresaba a tierra como campeona del mundo. La segunda plaza mundial en esta categoría ha sido para Palika Poonpat de Tailandia seguida de la estadounidense Charlotte Leigh.

En cuanto a los chicos y por lo que respecta al grupo plata. Nacho Baltasar termina en el puesto 30, mientras que el canario Samuel Beneyto cierra su participación mundialista en la plaza 40. En el grupo bronce Álvaro Alonso y Jordí Lladó, terminan en el puesto 8 y 30 respectivamente.

El podio absoluto, y nuevo campeón del mundo, ha quedado cerrado con el italiano Marco Gradoni, seguido del malasio Muhammad Fauzi Bin Kaman Shah y del costarriqueño, de origen alemán, Mic Sig Kos Mohr. Por lo que respecta al Mundial Team Racing, Estados Unidos se lleva el trofeo, seguido de China y Malasia.

España ya mira al campeonato de Europa que se disputará en el Yacht Club Port Bourgas de Bulgaria entre los días 30 de julio al 6 de agosto, en el que volverá a contar con el patrocinio de la firma Spagnolo, marca que vista el equipo español de Optimist para el Mundial y campeonato de Europa.


Maria Perelló
“No esperaba ganar el mundial, pero ahora que tengo el título todavía no me lo creo. Han sido regatas complicadas, muchas de ellas con poco viento y sobre todo mucha corriente que nos ha hecho trabajar a todos muy duro. Estoy contenta”
“Quiero agradecer al náutico S’Arenal, a Adrián Barceló, a mi familia y también a Ramón y Kiko por todo lo que me han ayudado para estar aquí y conseguir el título, sin ellos no lo hubiese conseguido”.

“Ha sido una temporada magnífica, más no puedo pedir: Copa de España y Mundial”

Ramón Aixemeno – Técnico AECIO IODA España
“Ha costado, pero se ha conseguido. Ya dije que eran un campeonato caracterizado por regatistas de hasta 35 kilos, poco viento y mucha corriente, y así ha sido. Nos vamos muy contentos porque María ha hecho un gran trabajo, pero no debemos olvidar que el apoyo de todos sus compañeros y resto de equipo ha sido clave para ella”.

“Es una pena no haber conseguido más. Los cuatro chicos han hecho un buen campeonato en líneas generales, aunque no vea reflejado en la clasificación, es una pequeña espinita que nos queda. En cuanto al mundial por equipos, pasamos página y miramos hacia adelante”.